5 Questions On PEMF Therapy For Depression Answered

Barbara Moreno By Barbara Moreno | Editor

Understanding PEMF Therapy

As far as therapy goes, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) has been in use for a long time now, treating a wide variety of conditions and ailments. As a matter of fact, magnetic and electric therapy has long been used even before the therapeutic benefits of this form of therapy were understood by the medical field. Consider this, as a form of treatment, primitive forms PEMF were on use as early as 3,000BC.

However, as beneficial as PEMF therapy for depression is, finding accurate and reliable information on the internet on this subject matter has been difficult. The situation is exacerbate for non-technical individuals looking to purchase PEMF device, as comparing the various offerings in the market is always a daunting task. Nonetheless, we will intricately explore PEMF devices in an easy to understand manner, making it easy for you to understand these devices and more importantly their specifications.

1What Is The Premise Behind PEMF Therapy?

At the basic level, our bodies are electric. Consider this, a large percentage of the human body is made of water, which is an electrolyte solution much the same as a battery. The liquid in our bodies is saline and has many electrolytes. The electrolytes in this case are metallic ions such as calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. that are both positively and negatively charged. The salinity emanates from combining sodium and chloride in the body. Consequently, body fluid is highly charged and saline, it ends up being very susceptible to the surrounding magnetic fields.

The interaction between magnetic fields and ions in our bodies cause or increase the motion of the ions in the tissue and the body fluid. The resulting motion induces a variety of chemical reactions and electric actions in the tissue of the body. With this understanding, we use therapeutic magnetic fields to induce voltages that are similar in nature and character as those that our natural bodies produce at the subcellular and cellular levels. PEMF produce an electromagnetic field that transfers the charge to the cells. As a result, nerve stimulation, muscle contraction, and the stimulation of the signal pathways result in the growth of cells. Additionally, since this treatment delves into our basic nature, it also yields other beneficial results.

2How Safe Is PEMF Therapy?

Tanning is something that you should try to avoid at all costs if you can. When you tan, artificial light rays can hurt your skin surface and create blemishes from the irritation and dryness that you will feel. Tanning can also permanently damage your pores, creating visible marks on your face.

3Are Some Electromagnetic Fields Harmful?

For many people researching PEMF, there is always a concern as to whether some of the electromagnetic fields that occur in the environment pose dangers to their health and whether the devices produce such EMFs. However, you should note that the harmful EMFs and the therapeutic EMFs produced by PEMF devices are markedly different. The main difference to keep in mind is the wavelengths of the EMFs, the exposure time, and the frequency.

EMFs' waveform and frequencies can either enhance your body's health or destroy it. Thus, harmful EMFs negatively impact your body while the therapeutic EMFs enhance cell function and cellular communications. Therefore, you need to avoid harmful EMFs as they can negatively affect the balance of your body, leaving you susceptible to diseases.

4What Are Ways In Which PEMF Helps Your Body?

Basic cell regeneration – the kind which happens constantly devoid of injury – is normal in a healthy person. As part of the normal cell cycle, cells are always dividing, growing, and dying in a process known as autophagy. This particular process does not need external stimulation for it to take place, even though proper stimulation does improve the process. However, when cell regeneration is necessitated by healing due to injury, the process requires an increased amount of energy.

To be specific, the process needs an increased amount of electrical energy. Since the magnetic fields of the PEMF devices increase the supply of natural charges, PEMF therapy can assist in stimulating and enhancing cell regeneration. As such, PEMF therapy helps in matters of wound healing and tissue regeneration.

5What About PEMF Therapy Helping The Mind?

Depression has emerged as a common ailment with a lifetime rate estimated at over 20% in the United States. The World Health Organization considers it to be the leading cause of disability in the developed world. Among the depression patients, the relapse rate ranges from 37-70% within an year. There are also treatment-resistant patients – patients that fail to improve after 3 or more treatment. Such patients have few alternatives to turn to.

However, with PEMF therapy, the EMFs interact with the neurons, changing the neuronal network and thus changing the parts of the brain that control mood. The fields also have an effect on the glucose metabolism region in the brain, which is an influencing factor in anxiety and depression. The changes in these regions have been studied and mapped by neuroscientists and have been found to change even with weak PEMF. Consequently, this has led to the emergence of commercially available PEMF devices that are able to provide relief.

The over 2,000 medical studies conducted around the world with different PEMF therapy devices have revealed numerous benefit to the therapy. Since the scientists started and explored PEMF therapy decades ago, a large body of supporting evidence has emerged. Among pertinent benefits of this therapy include cellular tune up, pain relief, dealing with migraines, treating depression, and other health issues.

There are two options for PEMF therapy for depression – administration by medical practitioners and self-administration. You should note that since it is an emerging treatment option in the US, it is provided with a great deal of caution than in other countries in Europe. However, caution is always warranted, especially when the patient in question has serious medical conditions that have not been investigated by scientists yet. Nonetheless, PEMF therapy is here to stay for those looking for effective therapy.