3 Tips For Purchasing A PEMF Device For Depression

shopping for pemf device
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shopping for pemf device

What Is PEMF Therapy?

The acronym PEMF, for scientific researchers, is short for pulsed electromagnetic field. However, PEMF to your body is a cellular tuneup. There has been a lot of research and writing done on how natural aging affects can be reversed and how bodily dysfunction can be repaired at the cellular level. At the same time there is not enough known about what proven method can achieve this goal. There is, however one exception, which is PEMF.

There are now over 2,000 medical studies supporting the efficacy of PEMF therapy for depression for helping cells fight disease off, repairing cellular dysfunction and rebalancing the internal flora and fauna of the cells, as well as effect a measurable amount of healing. Even more significantly, the findings continue to hold true, no matter what kind of PEMF device the research study used. The results point to the actual PEMF technology's underlying efficacy, no matter what specific delivery method is used.

shopping for pemf device

1Understand How It Works

Looking at your body and learning how it function is the best way to really understand PEMF technology. Your body, at its core, is like a gigantic Morse code switchboard. Both the peripheral and central nervous system send encoded messages on a 24/7 basis back and forth. Neurons are a special kind of nerve cells that sends and receives pulse-based communications. There are some messages that tell the heart to beat or the lungs to breathe. Then there are other messages telling the flight-or-flight mechanism in the body to activate, while others tell it to calm down.

Neurons are a specialized kind of communication nerve cells that utilizes pulsed electromagnetic frequency for communicating with each other and keeping the body functioning at an optimal level. For example, a cell might start to pulse erratically, or maybe it doesn't pulse at all. Or maybe the message receptors inside of the cell sustain trauma or damage. That means they will be unable to receive messages in either their original form or in full, so that pulse-based therapy is the only thing that will help get the cell back on track once again. When it comes to PEMF technology, humans have been able to decode the body's cells secret language. PEMF therapy can now be used for talking to your own damaged cells, in order to determine what treatment is needed, and for using restorative pulse electromagnetic therapy for healing the cells.

shopping for pemf device

2Determine Whether Or Not PEMF Is A Safe Method For You

Like any new method of health and wellness, it is always recommended that you proceed with caution, particularly if you currently have an ongoing medical issue that you are under a doctor's care for. If you have an intrathecal pump, pacemaker, cochlear implant or other type of electrical medical device then PEMF therapy should be avoided. One potential complication involves the PEMF's magnetic output powering these devices, which may expose you to risk.

If you happen to be an organ transplant recipient, it is recommended currently that you avoid PEMF, due to the potent anti-rejection immunosuppressive medications that needed t assist the body with accepting the new organ. Other situations where it might not be a good idea to get PEMF therapy is if you are taking an anticoagulant medication or blood thinner, are being treated currently for a blood disorder, or have a condition that might promote active bleeding. It is unknown at this time how or if receiving PEMF therapy might affect women who are breastfeeding, attempting to conceive or are pregnant.

If you currently have a dental device, valve, stent, joint or metal staple, then using a PEMF is not advised unless a medical professional otherwise prescribes it who is knowledgeable about implants and PEMF. If you have breast implants, it is currently recommended to avoid high-frequency PEMF therapy. The implants can over-agitated by the PEMF and may cause leakage or breakage.

using pemf for therapy

3Do Your Research

Because everyone is unique. there are dozens of different PEMF systems available in the market. The first and maybe most important thing to understand when trying to sort through all of the various PEMF information out there is that there is no such thing as a single "best" system. This industry isn't one-size-fits most or one-size-fits all. If a one-size-fits all approach is taken to recommending a device, it can lead to both disappointment and frustration, which can prolong the person's suffering if the wrong purchase decision is made.

Each manufacturer of course thinks that they have come up with the most optimum system of all, and each is going to have a philosophy that is slightly different in terms of what PEMF parameters are driving the most amount of change within the body. You need to do your research as a consumer knowing that there have been studies done on therapeutic PEMFs for decades now. The more we learn, in many ways, the more there is still to learn. There are numerous concurrent effects that PEMF therapies have on the body - magnetic, electrical, chemical and mechanical combined.

So although there are numerous options and brands with various parameters that need to be considered when it comes to PEMF therapy for depression, the most important considerations that need to be made before determining which system to use are personal ones: your current health concerns, budget, lifestyle and health history all need to be reviewed before a purchase decision should be made. For any given condition the recommendation of a certain device should be driven by clinical judgment.

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