4 Tips On PEMF Therapy For Depression And Its Effects

pemf therapy for depression
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pemf therapy for depression

The Prevalence Of Depression

In this super modern world where convenience and opulence seem to be the theme on every screen, it is the developed countries that are experiencing the greatest levels of depression. It seems odd that even the some of the most poverty stricken countries of the world are happier in their need, than most developed countries are in their extravagance.

The sad truth is that depression has become as common as the cold and as hard to combat as well. Thousands of families and individuals live with a debilitating condition that is beyond the scope of synthetic medicines and modern treatments. The worse things is that from the millions of cases each year, many thousands are becoming resistant to the drugs attempting to cure them. This means that many of the people that need it the most are resistant to help and their conditions only become worse with the more treatment they receive.

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1PEMF Therapy For Depression

PEMF therapy attempts to activate nerves through emission of electrical pulses. Many who are familiar with a 'detached' feeling like their connections are becoming confused, may have also experienced some altered function in their nerves. Research has shown that this "nerve excitability" can be a common occurrence with individuals suffering nerve ischemia. The nerves themselves have very specific function in maintaining a good mood. The study was performed to better understand the function of nerves in diabetic neuropathy.

The premise is that depression can be addressed with the mild electromagnetic vibrations that are being emitted by the earth. In 20016, MRI images were taken that gave expert's evidence that the body actually reversed the effects of depression and anxiety after time spent in a MRI machine. While MRI machines are not created to treat depression, there is a documented instance of a depression sufferer who was unable to speak before she underwent an MRI scan and showed many signs of recovery upon completion. The procedure lasted a better part of an hour and when she was finished, she engaged in lively communications with doctor and staff. Something she had been unable to do before.

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2Case Studies For PEMF Therapy

The case for PEMF treatment for Depression has been studied at Harvard Medical School with a device that operated at 1000 Hz. With a gauss setting of 20, the study followed a square or trapezoidal wave pattern. The device they used was designed to operate like an MRI. The results were unexpected, they found that those suffering bipolar symptoms had greatly improved after treatment.

The results of this study had a great impact on the medical team at Harvard and they were determined to study the condition and treatment option further. Perhaps the changes effected by the emission of electrical impulses were having a positive effect on the region of the brain that was controlling emotions and moods. To ensure that the results of these studies are precise, they will typically include a "sham" group. Many individuals suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and panic attacks were happy to hear that a viable treatment could be just around the corner.

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3Proper PEMF Intensity

The lower intensities of this treatment device have always been the best for addressing a disbalance as well as healing altered parts of the body. It is still unclear to the medical board how the PEMF therapy has impacted the body, but we do see that an improvement in the mood is notable. While further studies are being conducted, it is important to see that PEMF technology may be one of the most effective and suitable solutions to combating depression.

Most people pursuing PEMF treatment for depression anxiety have heard of this treatment from a trusted friend or family member. While you may think that the device you heard about from your friend or neighbor is the best for you, it could be that your specific needs are different and call for a more specific device.

depression treatment resistance

4Purchasing A PEMF Device

Then there are some very specific bad signs that you should know about when attempting to purchase one of these options. The biggest red flag of all should be the purveyors of PEMF technology that proudly claim their option is a one-size-fits-all solution to our conditions. Marketing can be an especially insidious practice. If you find yourself looking at an advertisements that is more about marketing than your personal needs, steer clear of this option.

Even if you are looking at an entire book that seems to make sense but in the end attempts guide you to a single product over any others, you can rest assured you are getting marketing hype. The only way to steer clear of the hype and get right to the best options for you is by finding a provider who is interested in your health. It is generally impossible for even the brightest medical provider to suggest a course of action regarding PEMF therapy for depression without interviewing the patient.

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